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Camelot Rises: A New, Immersive Drive-In Zombie Experience

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

A terrifying new teaser video has been released for horror fans, promoting Camelot Rises, a new ‘immersive, drive-in zombie experience’ at the former theme park in Lancashire this February.

The teaser video gives thrillseekers a glimpse of what they could expect once they enter the gates of the abandoned theme park in Charnock Richard, near Chorley. Camelot opened in 1983, but the pseudo-medieval theme park saw dwindling visitor numbers by 2012 and closed, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

However, starting in February, over six consecutive weekends, Camelot Rising will be an immersive, one-mile drive-thru cinema zombie experience, with actors playing zombies ‘hungry for flesh’ or military personnel looking to kill them and take back control of the park.

This is Camelot...but not as you know it,” teases the trailer the new scare attraction, opening with screaming and sirens wailing, and giving viewers a sneak peek of ‘Camelot Castle’ and the hoards of zombies.

The 'Castle' is the largest building still standing at the former theme park and was formerly home to Playland, the park's soft play centre, but things have certainly changed.

A deadly accident has left the mythical word of Camelot destroyed...and full of zombies hungry for human flesh,” the trailer states, inviting viewers to see if they can survive a night of terror!

The event begins with a drive-in horror movie, after which, guests can drive around the eerie abandoned theme park - now overrun by zombies.

You can find more details about the event here, as well as the intro video and booking information if you’re brave enough!

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