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Theme Parks

Rockwork and water features form an essential part of any themed attraction or amusement park, used to help create the ultimate experience for visitors in a variety of different ways.


For example, you can use them as an essential structural element in an attraction, as a supporting or scenic addition that really adds to the immersive experience for those visiting said attraction or they can be used as an extra attraction in their own right to help increase the amount of time people spend on site (such as a stunning photo/media opportunity area development or water fountain). We can provide all aspects of scenic work for themeparks including concept design, art direction, new developments or refurbishment. The team at Mudd Creative have vast experience of the working requirements of both operating and under construction facilities.


Interestingly, you can also use rockwork and water features very strategically to help hide unattractive or unsightly machinery or equipment. If you need any help or advice relating to theming scenic features for your particular place of business, get in touch with Mudd Creative today.

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