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First Glimpse Of The London Resort Plans

The UK has some excellent theme parks, but there’s one that’s currently in the planning stages that we’re all getting quite excited about: The London Resort in Kent.

It will cover an area the size of 136 Wembley stadiums when it’s completed and, until now, there has been very little detail about what visitors will be able to expect once it opens. However, the Mirror recently shared a new aerial rendering of the park’s design, which offers a tantalising glimpse into what the theme park will be like.

As well as various rides and rollercoasters, the image also shows large areas of green space, and other artist impressions indicate that the streets within the resort will have a Hollywood theme.

The newspaper explained that Paramount Pictures signed a deal with the park’s creators last year, while ITV Studios and BBC Studios are also partners on the project.

In the recent consultations about the creation of the new attraction, 65 per cent of those who took part agreed that the resort would benefit the local area in the long term.

PY Gerbeau, CEO of The London Resort, said that they would be looking at all the feedback they had received from the public in the coming weeks, and developing the proposal appropriately.

“There is no doubting that our aim of creating one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the world, here in the UK, has taken another big step towards becoming a reality,” he asserted.

Of course, there are plenty of fantastic theme parks around the world to take inspiration from when developing this kind of attraction and they certainly like to go big in Japan. The BBC recently reported that Awaji Island, a theme park off the coast of Kobe, has become the first in the world to build a permanent, life-size Godzilla statue.

Visitors can do more than just look at the spectacular beast though - they can take a zipline right through its mouth!

If you’re looking for assistance with theme park design in the UK, get in touch today to see how we can bring our creativity and innovation to your project.

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