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Legoland Windsor’s Magical Forest Hailed As Wonder Attraction

Legoland Windsor has provided plenty of reasons to support the Lego Movie’s assertion that “everything is awesome” down the years, but one attraction appears to be gaining lots of fans before it even opens.

While themed environments are a part of most visited attractions of this type, the new Magical Forest appears set to raise the bar for windsor and enjoyment.

Opening on April 30th, the attraction will feature what appears to be an extraordinary passage through the forest - all done using special effects - before visitors encounter a range of amazing creatures made of Lego.

The Lego Windsor website says: “Walk amongst the trees and encounter the mythical species that call this utopia home. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to chance upon the legendary Lava Dragon’s cave!”

As the PA News agency reports, the attraction was built using 80,000 Lego bricks, with augmented reality being used to add all the other aspects of this enchanting arboreal environment. It is located within the Mythica section of the park, which opened last year.

A pair of characters called Bits and Bobs will guide visitors through, providing two cheerful characters to delight youngsters as they walk the paths of the forest.

Helen Bull, the divisional director of Legoland Windsor, said the season has already had an “incredible” start, but added it is “about to get even better with the exciting opening of our incredible new experience The Magical Forest, which pushes the story of Lego Mythica to new realms”.

She added that the park is “thrilled to give our guests a sneak peek inside the enchanted woodland walk”, which has clearly whetted the appetite of many.

Legoland Windsor boats over 50 rides and attractions and contains over 80 million Lego bricks, but it seems like the latest one could be the most awesome attraction of all.

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