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Theme Parks Offering Drive Through Events

To remain open and offset the effects of the current circumstances, some theme parks and other large scale venues have opened up their doors for a range of drive-through events.

With the recent circumstances having caused a range of events to reschedule and venues to have limited attendance, larger theme park designs have opened themselves up for winter light shows and other drive-through events.

Much like the increase in drive-through cinemas, they benefit from being inherently socially distances, with guests never leaving the car and thus do not mingle.

Other shows that have been scheduled include drive-through animatronic dinosaur shows, drive-through circuses and seasonal events.

These expanded events are attempts to find new revenue streams and are likely to continue even as things return to normal.

Setting Up A Drive-Through Event

There are some benefits to drive through events, assuming the theme park, stadium or other venue has suitable roads and enough space for the traffic travelling through it.

It allows for venues to continue beyond the typical opening hours of the park or when out of season, which allows for year-round revenue in a way that many parks cannot.

These types of events are marketable and can be undertaken even in less favourable circumstances, which guarantees a certain level of revenue even if the park’s attendance is otherwise limited.

The key to a drive-through event’s success is the same as any other attraction; it needs to catch the eye, appeal to a wide audience and provide an unforgettable experience.

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