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Three Incredibly Unique Theme Park Designs

A theme park is about making the imagination real, and as a result theme park design can often take some very unique forms.

So long as the investment is there, the only limits to a theme park are imagination, space and structural stability.

Here are some of the most bizarre, strange and unique theme park designs around the world.


JCBs, diggers and construction vehicles are a common sight whilst a theme park is being constructed, but Diggerland makes the construction vehicles the attraction.

Featuring a mix of construction-inspired rides such as Spindizzy and the Skyshuttle, as well as various different real diggers that people can have a go on, the theme park is a rare case of finding magic in the mundane.

The Holy Land Experience

In the United States, there is an entire secondary market for Bible-themed music, toys, games and even a biblical theme park.

The Holy Land Experience is technically a non-denominational church, with a range of exhibits, dioramas and performances, although no rides outside of a climbing wall.

It recently closed in 2021, but over its two decades of existence was a unique and rather controversial theme park setting.

Ferrari World

The world’s largest indoor theme park, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a theme park that is designed purely around one idea: speed.

Along with seeing an exhibition of Ferrari’s famous fast cars, they also have several huge rollercoasters, including the world’s largest loop and the world’s fastest rollercoaster, with speeds reaching up to 130mph.

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