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UK Holiday Resorts And Theme Parks To Get Excited About

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out, many people will have already decided to opt-out of foreign holidays this coming year, as there is a lot of uncertainty whether they will be able to happen or not.

But the Great British Staycation had a revival in 2020, as many people rediscovered the brilliant holiday hotspots and attractions around the UK, whether it was for a week away, or a family day out.

We wanted to have a quick look at some of the UK theme parks and attractions that are opening in 2021 and are worth getting excited about.

1. Gulliver's World Woodland Retreat, Warrington

Gulliver’s World is to expand its site in Warrington and now includes a £5.6 million Woodland Retreat that has 67 themed lodges and group accommodation, as well as camping and caravanning options.

2. Safari lodges, West Midlands Safari Park

There will be eight new lodges opening at West Midlands Safari Park, six of which overlook the elephants’ habitat, and two overlooking the cheetahs’ habitat. Imagine being able to see the wildlife from your open plan living area!

3. Game of Thrones Studio Tour, Banbridge

Game of Thrones fans will be able to wander through the iconic sets, such as the Dragonstone's Throne Room and Map Room, Castle Black's Mess Room, Cersei's Courtyard in King's Landing, and even Winterfell, and learn behind-the-scenes secrets of the hit show at the new £24million themed attraction at the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

4. Southport Cove Resort, Merseyside

The Southport Cove Resort will be a £40million water park which will feature a huge 250m-long beach, a 'world-class' wave pool where waves can reach heights of two metres, and many other features, such as a wellness/spa facility, four-star accommodation and a boardwalk, as well as plenty of restaurants, cafés and indoor leisure facilities.

Which one would you like to visit? You’ll have to decide on whether to pack your swimming trunks, safari outfit or your Winterfell furs!

If you’re looking for theme park design in the UK, get in touch!

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