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What To Consider When Reopening A Theme Park

Theme parks close for a variety of reasons, from temporary hiatuses, refurbishment, seasonal closures to more serious issues that have led to the closure of many public spaces.

With restrictions on theme parks opening set to be lifted on 12th April along with other leisure facilities, there will be several changes made to theme park design to encourage safe social distancing, many theme parks will be open to the public for the first time in many months.

With that said, there are many steps to take before reopening a theme park, so here are some of the measures you must consider before opening the gates and turnstiles again.

Reopen In Phases

Whilst all of your attractions can open, many attractions will likely remain closed whilst they are prepared for guests.

Zoos are likely to be the first attractions to reopen, as the staff are already in place to take care of the animals and have been since last March.

After this, other attractions can reopen based on how much change will need to be made to ensure safe distancing. Staff will need to be retrained on the new protocols before it is safe to reopen to the public.

Deep Clean

Every attraction will need a deep clean, and this may lead to delays in opening certain more elaborate rides such as rollercoasters.

As well as this, there may need to be disinfecting routines between every ride cycle, which would require staff to wear PPE, face shields or masks to ensure that guests are safe and rides are sanitised.

Much like other stores and locations that have reopened, it is highly likely that sanitation stations will be installed throughout the park.

Implement Virtual Queues

In Summer 2020, a lot of attractions, restaurants and other establishments brought in virtual queuing systems where people can check in with a smart device and their place in line is kept using a database rather than physically standing in line.

As well as this, it is worth bringing in a contactless payment system to increase transaction speed and minimise contact.

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